Formulated concentrates and compounds

All-in-one ingredient systems are the best way to ensure product consistency over an extended period. Formulated compounds are ingredient systems tailored to the clients unique requirements and enables the beverage manufacturer to produce and reproduce an end product which is consistent in taste, appearance and flavour; in essence efficient and risk free beverage manufacture. Other benefits of using formulated ingredients systems are ease of storage and a more fluid logistics model.

SCP produces compounds for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage applications which would include fruit juices, nectars, iced teas, cordials, squashes and juice drinks (carbonated and non-carbonated).

Various options exist such as:

  • Single fruit applications
  • Multi fruit applications
  • Vitamin and mineral enriched applications

The formulated concentrates and compounds are packed preserved or aseptically. 

Juice blends

SCP offers standardised juice blends for various beverage applications. These standardised solutions are developed and manufactured specific to the profile of the market or region.

The types of blends are multi and single fruit concentrates.

SCP sources globally to provide raw materials for its broad range of product offerings at optimal price and quality. 

Options available are:

  • Single fruit applications
  • Multi fruit applications
  • Vitamin and mineral enriched applications
  • Alcoholic drinks applications 


Emulsions allow for the manufacture of beverages with low juice content while maintaining good colour, flavour and cloudiness. SCP prides itself in achieving the specific requirements of clients to help differentiate create a competitive advantage. Emulsions are an all-in-one solution for either carbonated or non-carbonated drinks, cordials and squashes markets.

Emulsions assist in product and process simplification which ultimately reduces cost and are packed in 25kg Rondotainers with a 12 month shelf life.

Juice concentrates and Purees

Fruit juice concentrates and purees are raw materials used in the various fruit beverage formulations.

SCP has a large range of fruit juice concentrates and purees, ranging from citrus, berries, apple, pear, stone fruit, tropical fruit and white & red grapes. These concentrates are produced from the highest quality raw materials which are sourced globally from a strong network of raw material suppliers.