Our Service & Solutions

SCP offers standardized compounds, juice concentrates blends and emulsions. These systems offer brand owners greater production efficiency and cost effectiveness. SCP supports clients for the duration of the development process  – from ideation to technical support for manufacturing of the finished products. The product portfolio ranges from standardized single juice blends to complex bases for drinks & nectars. Product quality remains consistent regardless of availability, seasonality and growing conditions.

1. Brief

The briefing process starts with the completion of the New Product Development brief. The brief contains all the detail required to formulate the desired product. In many instances clients are not beverage experts and this is where our team is able to make recommendations based on their extensive collective experience and expertise. This process is well structured to ensure a quick turn-around from receipt of the brief to delivery of the first samples.

2. R&D

The team, collectively, has approximately 20 years of experience in the global beverage industry. This knowledge and partnerships with flavour houses enables SCP to provide speedy and accurate service. Having and state of the art facility and an extensive network of suppliers allows SCP to provide analytical, sensory and technical support to all clients. Throughout the process product is analysed to make sure all requirements are adhered to from a food safety, quality and chemical standards. SCP understands that each client is unique with unique capabilities, expertise and processes. All are taken into consideration when developing a concept.

3. Concept Presentation

One on one consultations are set up to present concepts. A team comprising of Sales, Technical and Quality personnel will travel to the clients to present and be debriefed on changes, should they be required. Sensory and physical analyses are done where the product will be produced and once approval has been given by the client and technical teams the production phase is entered.

4. Production

  • SCP production include preserved, aseptic and frozen product options
  • World class technology ensures products are produced to stringent food standards and customer specification in a HACCP and SABS ISO 9001 approved facility
  • Internal and external verification on regular basis by independent laboratories and customer audits

5. Packaging Solutions

  • Tailored packaging options according to customer requirements
  • These include:
    • PET and HDPE plastic bottle options
    • Plastic and Steel drum options
    • IBC systems
    • Flexi tanks
    • ISO bulk containers systems
    • Bulk road tankers
  • Future investments will include Bag-and-Box options
The team understands all the costs related to the specific packaging formats and how this influences logistics downstream and production upstream and are therefore able to recommend the best solution to fit the clients requirements.

6. Logistics

Warehousing and stockholding is provided by SCP. Stocklevels are managed based on sales forecasts and volume history. SCP strives for a 100% order fill rate and service level. SCP has specialised and dedicated logistic capabilities coupled with extensive shipping and transport expertise.